Thornhill Associates is skilled in the following services:

Over the past several years, the qualitative world has seen a dramatic and exciting expansion of techniques, tools and methodologies to help us better understand the underlying reasons why human behaviors occur. Thornhill Associates uses a variety of proven traditional, online and in-the-moment research methodologies oftentimes designing ‘hybrid’ research projects utilizing compatible tools.   We believe incorporating photo journals, diaries, collages, visioning, projective techniques and in-the-moment approaches allows us to tap into rich feelings, behaviors and beliefs that may not otherwise be shared.

hen research objectives are best met with a combined quantitative/qualitative approach, Thornhill Associates works closely with a highly respected and experienced quantitative research team to meet client needs.

Thornhill Associates is skilled at designing and facilitating very effective strategic marketing discussions, business brainstorming sessions/retreats, stakeholder workshops, town hall meetings and other general business meetings.

Having an in-depth background with nonprofit organizations and associations, Susan Thornhill is highly adept at engaging members or internal customers and understanding their needs and wants – what they value.  Using these critical insights is a must for laying the foundation for developing measurable and meaningful strategic plans.  Unlike strategic plans that “gather dust”, a Thornhill Associate strategic plan deliverable will serve as a hands on roadmap to ensure continuity of leadership and organizational buy-in.  Working strategic plans are critical in positioning an organization for future success.

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