Brainstorming . Facilitation . Strategic Planning


If you are looking for an independent professional facilitator to add value to your brainstorming sessions, strategic planning, board retreats, or important meetings or events, Susan Thornhill brings solid business savvy and unique creativity to ensure these important gatherings are efficient, productive and enjoyable.


Conducting extensive focus groups for large Rotary Clubs lead Thornhill Associates into strategic planning for nonprofits.  The question was posed, “Now that we have all these important timely insights from our members, what do we do with them, how do we make sure we act on them?”

Susan developed a very effective approach to nonprofit strategic planning by using the important voice of the members as a foundation.  This professional design provides a very clear focus on member wants and needs and protects from “personal agendas” filtering in.  With tremendous ownership and buy-in from the membership, the resulting strategic plan has much more opportunity to be a valuable road map for the future … as opposed to an expensive dust collector!